King Tutt MFT is out of Peanut Buster Parfait by Pharoah (Foxvagen foxtrotters).  Tutt was born 8/13/2007.  He
has awesome conformation and personality.  It looks like Tutt is going to stay pony size which is good news for the
MFT pony Association.
Junior Stallion
We have decided that Tutt is going to be our
Junior stallion
These pictures were taken 5/23/10 Tutt will be 3 August 2010  He is really filling out.  He has great legs, joints
and bone and to top it all off he is turning a dark gold.  He is a lover and wants attention all the time.  We have
decided to downsize.  Tutt is officially now for sale.  
10/10/10  Tutt's first time with a saddle
on.  He was not bothered by it at all.  
Tutt is
for sale.  If he is not sold as a
stallion come spring I will be gelding him.

Tutt is now a gelding and doing great.  I
have been on him a second time and he
is going to be a breeze to train.  :)  I will
be doing a lot of work on him this spring
2011.  The more training he gets the
higher his price will go.