The Smooth Coated (SC) Curlies are the best kept secret in the Curly world.  

What are the characteristics of the Curlies?  
    1.  They are hypoallergenic - A person with allergies to horses will be LESS LIKELY to be allergic to a Curly.     
            his does depend on the individuals allergies and the individual Curly.   Not every person will be able to       
            touch every Curly without a reaction.  Because everyone's allergies are different just like every Curlie's      
            make up is different.  We suggest you go and see the horse in person that you want to purchase if that is  
            not possible please be sure to have their hair sent to you so that you can test it.

    2.  They have a curly coat (this curly coat ranges from kinky curly to waves and we are now finding that            
            there are smooth coats also).

    3.   They have wonderful personalities (I will not tell you that all curlies have this wonderful personality               
             because like people they are all different, but the majority of them have awsome personalities).

    4.    They have great bone and are built hardy.  Now here also I can not say all Curlies have this.  There are    
              some who do not have very good conformation.   So I suggest that if you are not comfortable with your    
              knowledge on conformation you should always get a second opinion from someone you trust that             
              knows horses.

The SC Curlies have been treated like step children for a long time.   ICHO would and will register a SC Curly that
is born as long as one of the parents is registered as a D (dominant Curly).  I don't necessarily agree with this but
I understand their rules and regulations they have to have them to protect the registry.  ICHO is having research
done at this time to try and find the curly gene. There is also research being done on the SC Curly hair.  ICHO is
very interested in the SC Curlies and they are doing a lot of research to try and find out why they are not showing
full expression of curls and they are also looking into the coats that are being passed down from parents.  There
has been a study done in Germany that does prove that the Curlies are hypoallergenic.  The study says that it is
the protein make up of the Curlies that makes them hypoallergenic.  What wasn't done is to name the specific
proteins that are making the difference.

I am one of the few who breed SC Curlies together.  All of my SC Curlies have a Curly Pedigree.  All of my SC
Curlies have proven to be hypoallergenic.  In my breeding experience with the SC Curlies I have found that if you
breed 2 SC Curlies together the off spring shows more wave or curl then both parents.  Let's take Manny Silver
Haze (registered SC Curly), Manny has a wavy mane and gets waves on his neck in a really cold winter and he
has curls on his fetlocks.  Suzy (I do not know Suzy's parentage) she is not registered but has proven
hypoallergenic to everyone who has tested her.  Suzy's hair is totally straight, and she never gets alot of it but
she never gets cold, her mane is totally straight, she has curved eye lashes and curled fetlocks in a really cold
winter.    Their offspring Dawn  has a very kinky double mane, has spirals in her tail.  Her hair is very plush and
thick right now with lots of wave thru out.  Her ears have waves in them also.  She is only 6 months old at this
time.  The true test will be when she goes thru her next winter to see what kind of coat she gets then.   Below are
pictures of Manny, Suzy and Dawn

It has also been found that sometimes the SC Curlies tend to give allergy sufferers less reactions then their curly
coated counter parts.   This is something that we have not been able to explain at this time.

I want you to ask yourself one question "WHAT IS IT THAT CURLIES HAVE THAT NO OTHER HORSE HAS?"  

They are hypoallergenic.  There are other breeds that have curls and waves but no other breed is

There are some that will say that a SC Curly does not carry a curly gene but that cannot be said without having a
gene test.  I will not tell you that they do carry a curly gene because we do not have a test.  We really do not
know what the curly gene is or how it works.  The different expressions of hair (kinky curly to slight waves) is vast
what is causing these expressions?  Are there modifiers at work?

THERE ARE NO TRUE SCIENTIFIC FACTS AT THIS TIME!!!!!  Every breeder in the Curly world has their theories
and those theories are based on breedings.  But noone has purposely bred SC Curlies together to see if maybe
in 2 or 3 generations (maybe more) if  they will get a curly coated Curly.  

Do I want to sell you a horse?  Yes if I have the right horse for you.  But if I don't think I have the right horse for     
you I will not sell it to you.

Will I help you find the right horse for you?  Yes.  I will talk with other Curly breeders and get hair samples sent to  
you until we find the right horse for you.  

My main objective is to find you a partner that you will cherish for the rest of your life.   

I don't like politics and I will not lie to you.   I know there is a lot of negative things out there about the SC Curlies I
will not be a party to nasty talk I think it is useless.  I believe in giving a person information and letting them decide
what is best for them.  :)  

If you would like to talk about the Curlies I will be more than happy to talk with you.   I can give you the information
on both sides and you can make the decision that is best for you.

Have a wonderful day and I hope you will let me help you find the Curly for you!  

Darci Schuppan
Manny Silver Haze 687-S
Suzy Q 1471 APPR
Manny's Misty Dawn, not yet registered.  
I have to see if she is going to be a
gaited pony, like I think.  If she is she will
be registered as a gaited pony.  If she is
not gaited she will be registered as
American Paint Pony Registry (APPR)
like her dam.  I will not be able to register
her with ICHO because neither her sire
or dam are registered as a Dominant
Curly.  As Dawn starts to shed this year I
will be sending her hair off to check and
make sure she is hypoallergenic and I
will also be sending it to Bunny to have it
fiber tested.
Manny's Misty Dawn
Click on Manny's name to
see his pedigree.