Front of the
stud barn
This is looking from the back to the
From the front to the right
This is my daughter, Desiree on
Shooter (straight curly) bringing the
horses in from the pasture.  The horse
in the lead is Comanche's Red Beauty
(she is having Manny's first baby 1st
wk of Sept).  Then Lucy (Quarter
pony) is to the left.  Right behind
Desire is Pita and the white mare with
the medicine hate is Suzy.  If you look
at the ground behind Suzy is Desiree's
little Jack russell Little Bit.  The rest of
the horses were still further back.
All of the extra
dirt is gone and
I have 4 new
support posts.  
I need to put in
2 more and
then do the
stalls and walls.
On the left is Manny and Joker.
On the right is Flash, Taz and
Pistol (Taz and Pistol where
checking out the inside of their
This is Pistol in his stall
Left; This gate
closes the alley way
that goes to the
boys's pasture.