Life at Brush Creek Curlys
This is to keep everyone informed of what is happening at our farm. I hope you enjoy the experiences with us.
Entry for June 25, 2007

Hey folks,

Man did I have a busy weekend.  Saturday I took Manny and Shooter to the vet for coggins.  We are going to the Curly Horse Show on Saturday, June 30.  This will be Manny's first show.  I have entered us in about 8 classes.  A couple of them are classes that I will have to ride him in.  This is a little spooky because I have only been on him about a dozen times.  If he is doing well we will enter the class if he is acting up I will pull him.  Wish us luck.  Desiree will be riding Shooter in several classes.  Shooter has been shown before so she should do great.  But this is Desiree's first time.  I think she will do great.

Saturday Desiree and I also finished fencing an extra section off for the young boys.

My bedroom is also finished now .  Yipeeeeeee  Now all I have to do is get everything moved in.  My mom wont let me move my bed in until she finishes with sanding it down and refinishing it.  {sigh}  I keep pushing her though.  I WANT MY BED!!!!  :))

Sunday I changed the oil and spark plugs in my mom's truck and my truck.  I also checked the brakes on mine.  Didn't have to change them.  Cooool.  I also put a hitch on my mom's truck and rewired the flatbed trailer.  Man does my body hurt.  :))  I am pretty proud of the rewireing job it is the first time I have ever wired a trailer.

Somehow we ended up with another kitten Friday.  {sigh}  My daughter said she found it in the road out in front of the house.   Now do I believe her?  :))  I guess 2 mousers are better than one.  :))

This week I need to get on Manny every night so maybe we will be ready Saturday.  I am pretty nervous about the whole thing.  But it will be good for him and me.  Hopefully it will also be good for his stallion career!  :))

I will let you all know how the show went.  I am going to hopefully have some video from it.  Wish us luck.

See ya

2007-06-25 14:42:59 GMT