Life at Brush Creek Curlys
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Entry for July 2, 2007

Hey all,

This weekend Desiree and I went to the Curly Horse Show in Carthage, MO.  I took Manny and Desiree took Shooter.  I got to meet a few of the curly people and that was very good thing.  Lindsay did a very good job at putting on this show.  I hope does it again next year.

I so very proud of Manny he took First place in Senior stallion and Second place in liberty.  Let me give you a little back ground on Manny.  This was his first show and first time away from home (except for the vet).  He has never been around this many horses at one time.  I have rode him maybe 15 times in the last two years.  The first part of the day Manny was very well behaved and acted like a gentleman.  Then he caught a wiff of my daughter's mare who came into heat.  He didn't act real bad but he was definately excited and not using the correct brain.  LOL  I had planned to ride him in a couple of the events but when I took him out to the arena under saddle it was just way to much for him.  So I pulled him from the riding classes.  I was still very impressed with him.  While in his stall you would have never known that he was a stallion that afternoon.  He did not holler or kick or paw at his stall.

The judge and everyone told me how nice they thought he was.  There was a professional photographer there and we will be getting pictures of him soon.

Desiree did well also.  Shooter came into heat sometime that morning and became a real witch.  She would not listen to anything or anyone.  So Desiree pulled her from the halter classes.  But did ride her that afternoon in some of the western classes.  They both did real well in the riding classes.  This was Desiree's first show and even though the first part was pretty rough and frustratating it ended up good.  :))  She has quit a few ribbons between 2 and 6 th place. 

We will all be better prepared the next time.  :))  But we had fun and Manny had a brand new experience.

Talk to you soon




2007-07-02 14:26:36 GMT