Life at Brush Creek Curlys
This is to keep everyone informed of what is happening at our farm. I hope you enjoy the experiences with us.
Entry for August 7, 2007

Hey all,

Well last weekend I started putting posts in the stallion barn.  I have 4 more left to put in.  I have the walls setting in place on 2 of the stalls.  I need to attach them and make them a little higher and then finish them off with cattle panels that are cut to size.

I have made the barn top priority.  I may do some brush hogging in between.  But no other project gets done or started until this barn gets done!!!  When all of the poles are in the walls will go in quickly.  I have stopped work on the main walls so that we can have a good breeze coming in.

Our last pregnant cow had her calf Saturday.  Yipeeeeeee!!  A gorgeous black baldie bull calf.  I was sitting there watching her to make sure of no problems.  I saw the feet coming out and I was looking for a head the next thing I saw was a tongue.  OhOh!  I jumped up to help her get that calf out quicker.  The head was a little tight so I put a hand in to help stretch her a little to give the calf more room.  One more push and here he came.  I cleared his nose and mouth of all slim and pulled him out of the mess and let momma finish him up.  He is on the ground alive and healthy.

Now for the mares to have their babies.  I believe Red is going to be first.  She is pretty loose in the back end and her bag is filling nicely.  Her due dated is August 24th.  We will see if she goes that long.

Tabby, blind 22 yo mini pony, has a new home.  She went to a lady in Illinois that is going to pamper her for the rest of her life.  :)))))

I bought Manny a new bridle.  It is called a Vaquero bridle.  It is made out of rope.  I really like the look of it and I am hoping that it will help his transition to being undersaddle.  While working on the ground with a rope halter Manny totally ignores the mares.  I am hoping with the rope bridle he will also ignore the in heat mares.  I took him out on our 30 acres with it the other day and had my daughter riding her mare (not in heat).  Manny did really well.  This is the first time he has been out on this part of the property.  We had to stop and look at a few things and snort at it.  When it didn't move we could then pass it.  :))  I am very proud of this boy.   The next obsticle will be going out with a mare that is in heat.  Of course we will be working in between that time.  But that will be the true test.

I wish I could take a month off work and just work at home. {sigh}  There is so much to do and so little time to do it in.  But we keep plugging away.



2007-08-07 15:42:09 GMT