Life at Brush Creek Curlys
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Entry for August 20, 2007

Hey all,

It has been a veryyy busy two weeks.  Red and Peanut both had their babys back to back.  Click here to see pictures.   Come back often I will be taking tons of pictures.

Peanut's son, Tutt, is a lover and wants attention everytime you walk out.  Red's son, Silver, likes the attention but at this time you have to go to him.  I think that will change with time.   I love babies they are sooo much fun to watch.  Tutt loves to check everything out and Silver is content to eat, sleep and harass momma.  :))

This last weekend I accomplished tons.  I cut down the tree that was right up against the stud barn and cleaned up a lot of the lumber and brush that was out in this area.  I had a big fire Sunday in the burn pond.  :))

Now the inside of the stud barn.  I have 5 stalls framed in, one left to put walls on.  I still have a little work to do on the walls.  I need to make a couple of them a little taller and then put cattle panels from the top of the wall to the ceiling.  The I need to hang stall doors.  I still have a little to do on the outer walls and I need to put the doors on.  I have to put one piece of tin on the roof and make sure the rest of it is nailed down securly.  Then I to put tin around the outside.  I will probably be putting horses in before all of the tin is up. 

I need to finish the alley way from the stallion pastures to the barn.  Which shouldn't take long at all.  Maybe a couple of hours.  I will do that as soon as the barn is finished. 

Before I can put the boys in their stalls I need to spray the barn for fleas and ticks.  While working in the barn I have found bunches of ticks.  So I definatly want to spray it before I put the boys in their new rooms.

I will have two rooms by the front doors of the barn one on each side.  I am going to use one side for hay and they other side for feed and tack.  Hopefully i will be able to find a chest freezer that doesn't work and I will use it as feed storage.  Otherwise I build one. 

I am soooooo close to haveing this barn done.  As soon as it gets done I want to put up a cross fence so that my mommas and their babies have a pasture of their own and don't have to worry about the other mares bothering the babies.  :))  I think I might see if my neighbor might help put this up.  It would probably go faster.  But then again we are talking about ME, the hard headed, stuborn, German, Irish and Indian that hates to ask for help.  LOL

I am going to put my daughter work on cleaning out the next barn I need to work on.  This barn is going to be for hay storage.  There is a lot of tin, hose, lumber, tires, etc.  I have pretty went through and picked anything good out of it.  As soon as it gets cleaned out then I need to put a couple of new suppot posts in it.  There is a bad spot in the roof.  This barn should be a lot easier to finish since it is just for hay storage.

After I get these 3 things done then the top priority projects are done.  Then it will be time to figure out the next projects to accomplish.  I kind of wish winter would hurry and get here.  That way I could slow down a little.  LOL  But it can't come until I finish the first three projects.  LOL

Take care everyone.  If anyone wants to come see those babies come on out.  :)) 




2007-08-20 14:41:55 GMT