Life at Brush Creek Curlys
This is to keep everyone informed of what is happening at our farm. I hope you enjoy the experiences with us.
Entry for September 7, 2007

Well I have finally accomplished my first task.

My stallion barn is now being occupied!!!  It has been a long project but my boys are now in their stalls at night and I believe they are happy.  When I went into check on them the first night the two youngest Flash, 2nd stallion, and Taz, soon to be gelding, were both laying down sleeping.  :))

I need to finish the feed room and put tin up on the outside but that is stuff that I can do when the boys are in the pasture during the day.

My next project to finish is getting the hay barn fixed so that I can put hay init for winter.  My daughter and her boyfriend cleaned it out and now I need to go in and put in a new support post and fix the roof.  It looks like a branch came down on it at some point in time.  With a new pole and a little reinforcement the roof should be good as new.  The I will take the box blade in and make sure it is cleaned real well.  I am hoping to get the roof done this weekend.  It is supposed to rain all weekend but maybe I can get done between rains.  :))  I will try to remember to take a picture before I fix it.  :))

Our last project is to get a fence put up so that my mommas and thier babies can have their own pasture.  :))  As you all know I have two on the ground and I am waiting for Bess to have her mule baby.  I did the nail test on Bess the other night and it said that we are going to have a molly mule.  :))

Since I got so much work done on Saturday and Sunday I decided to take part of Monday off.  I took Manny out for a ride in my neighbors pasture.  Desiree and Shooter came with us.  The neighbor's pasture houses about 15 large heifers.  These heifers were very curious as to who had come into their pasture and started charging at us.  My daughter's horse was not a happy camper about this.  Manny just ignored them.  (good boy)  We came around a hill and the cows started running at me and Manny.  Manny stood their and looked at them.  When the cows came to a stop maybe 3 feet in front of us, I asked Manny to go towards them.  He did and the cows took off the other way.  Then we went on our own way.  :))  Manny is not new to cows he has been around them quit a bit at our house.  But I am still very proud of him for not panicing with them racing towards him.

On our way back to the house I asked Manny for a little more speed, hoping to get his fox trot.  Well he went right into it.  When we left the pasture I told my daughter that we were going to go about half a block down the road and then come back.  I again got Manny to get into his fox trot.  This is very exciting to me because it is the first time I have really asked him for it.

I then stopped him outside the pasture that has his favorite mare and Manny's first son.  He immediately went to start talking.  Which I immediately told him no.  We stood there for about 30 min and he tried to talk two more times but then he realized that was a nono.  I believe he was enjoying watching the babies run around and having fun.  Now the funny part.  I unsaddled him and took him to his pasture.  When I took his halter off I told him he coulld talk to his girl friend if he wated to know.  That is exactly what he did.  :))  I believe we are making great progress and I can't wait to take him on more rides.

Hopefully this fall I will be able to ride a little more.  I also need to work with a couple of the younger ones because I need to get them sold.

Go to my web page to see pictures of the barn and if you know of anyone looking for their next partner point them in my direction.  :))






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