Life at Brush Creek Curlys
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Entry for September 24, 2007

Hey all,

Well I finished my hay barn and I think I did a pretty decent job.  :))  I also found an old freezer to use for feed storage in my stallion barn and I have that put in also.

My first hay delivery will be tonight and we will see how well my hay fits in this barn.  I think it will only hold between 14 to 20 bales.  Maybe I can have a bigger barn in a couple of years.  :))

This last weekend Desiree and I went out and cleaned up the wood that was in the way for the cross fence I want to put up.  We also put the T posts up along the back and the top wire put on.  Thankfully we will only have to put fence on the back and one side.  I am hoping to have the mommas and their babies out in this section by the middle of October.  We have decided that we need to get some red or orange flags to put on the fence for a little while so that the horses realize that they can no longer go into this section of the pasture.  I am afraid that they have been able to wander pretty much the whole 40 for so long that they wont pay attention when they get to running and playing.  :)

Kate (my youngest daughter) wanted to ride her pony this weekend.  Her pony is Roxy.  We got Roxy out and even though Kate has not ridden much yet she did pretty good.  I was really impressed with Roxy she is going on 5yo and she is still very green.  But she is very forgiving of Kate's mistakes.  I am sure she will be extremly kid broke by the time Kate is finished with her.  I think Kate should be able to ride her for at least 3 years.

I am trying to get Desiree to put more time on Lucy.   Lucy is a registered Quarter Pony and for sale so I want Desiree to put some wet saddle blankets on her.  I have shown Lucy the barell pattern and she has been on a couple of trail rides.  I would still consider her green but she is well on her way to being broke real well.  :))

Take care all 




2007-09-24 19:01:23 GMT