Life at Brush Creek Curlys
This is to keep everyone informed of what is happening at our farm. I hope you enjoy the experiences with us.
Entry for December 4, 2007

Hey all,

I am sorry it has been a little while since I have written.  It seems I never get to slow down much.  LOL  Which I am sure a lot of you can agree with.

Work continues on the farm.  We are in the process of getting the head gate up for the cows.  We will have cows delivering in January or February and unfortuneately 3 of them are firt timers and a couple of those are a little young.  When we first moved we didn't have a way to separate our bull from the rest of the herd for the first month or two.  Well he took full advantage of that.  :))  So I deffinatly want to have a head gate up in case we have problems.  I would rather be ready and not need it, then need it and not be ready.

Shooter was confirmed bred by Manny.  So we should have Manny's second baby on the ground next year.  We are hoping that the vet screwed up and Suzy is bred also.  But we will be checking this week.

The boys are getting big and they are sooo much fun to be around.  Tutt is a sweet heart and loves attention.   If you start petting him and talking to him he wont leave you alone and he can get a little pushy about wanting his attention.  We are working on that.  He has been known to nip ya if you don't pay attention to him quick enough.  [shaking my head]  We are also working on that.  Silver, Manny's son, didn't want much attention at first but he is know getting to where he will come up to me and asked to be petted.  He is curious about everything going on.  He likes to watch to see what is happening and if he wants to be involved or not.  :))

We are going to try and do some work with Pistol, Pita, Bess and Joker this winter.  Come spring I want to get serious about some saddle work with Pistol and Pita.  They will only be 3 so it wont be hard work or long working times.

We did have a little excitement last weekend.  Roxy, minimal curly pony, missed a turn in the pasture and rolled over the fence.  While going over the fence she happened to catch her leg on a T post and it ripped some skin off her leg (well not totally off it was a flap).  Thankfully Desiree saw her do it and we were able to get to Roxy right away.  I tried calling the vet and couldn't get anyone to answer my call.  So we made a decision to try and sew it up.  Okay this is the first time i have ever tried to sew up a horse.  :o  I didn't have anything to numb her leg up with so I was hoping that it was numb from the accident.  I ended up putting 7 stitches in Roxy's leg and she did an awsome job of standing while I did it.  There was a time or two when she was a little fidgety but she did an awsome job.  Desiree was holding her and my mom was putting a little bit of grain at a time in a bucket for her.  :)

Now she is up in the round pen and we are making sure she gets her penicillin and a little bute for the pain and swelling.  Hopefully she will not try and take the stitches out when it starts healing.  

We are also cutting wood which is helping to clean up the pasture a little.  I don't have to cut any trees down for fire wood.  I have plenty of downed trees to cut up.  :)  I should have plenty of fire wood for quit awhile.  :)

Well that is it for now.  Check out my web site for new pictures of the babies.

Hopefully I will get back before Christmas but if I don't Everyone have a safe and happy Christmas.  :)))))



2007-12-04 13:41:04 GMT