Life at Brush Creek Curlys
This is to keep everyone informed of what is happening at our farm. I hope you enjoy the experiences with us.
Entry for January 15, 2008

My gosh it has been a month since I have updated.  Shame on me.  :)

Well my head gate is up and last weekend Charlie came out and welded my chute together and it is ready to deliver babies or work the cows.  Yipeeeee!!  We have 2 cows and 3 heifers having babies between the end of January and the end of February. 

I am a little worried about the heifers.  But now that we have the headgate and chute up if there are any problems we have a place to take them to take care of it.

Last month little Roxy was out running and missed her turn and rolled over a fence.  When she rolled over it her leg hit the T post and ripped it open.  I could not get a hold of a vet so we found an embrodery needle and I stitched her up.   Roxy is such a good little pony she stood really well for me to stitch her up.  We didn't have any medicine to numb the area up either.  Now her leg is all healed up and there is just a thin line which I am sure the hair will cover up soon.  Kate has been chomping at the bit to ride.  Which she should be to do soon if the weather holds out.

We have been cutting up wood which means we are cleaning the pasture up.  Everytime we go out to cut up wood it cleans up another section.  I am also clearing alot of little trees out that are not needed and are just keeping us from having more pasture.  :) 

I am going to making the hay barn bigger (hopefully this year) so I am also clearing the trees out that are behind the hay barn.  We have found another pond that keeps water init year around but the animals have a hard time getting to it right now because of the trees that are down in it and the trees that surround plus the fence that has weeds and stickers growing thru it.   Which means pulling out the old fence and cutting out the trees.  I think this pond probably has a natural spring and will fill up further once we get all of the trees out of the way. 

So my projects for this year are to continue clearing and cleaning up the pasture.  I want to put a new roof on the stallion barn and I want to make a bigger hay barn.  While I am out cutting up trees I will be looking for poles for the hay barn.   :)

We will also be looking for a manure spreader, stump chomper and a big sprayer.  Right now I have been using the box blade to spread the manure out into the pasture and everytime I put out a new bale of hay I move it to another area.  Lord knows with the horses and the cows we have plenty of manure it might as well be used to fertilize.  :)

I will try to get back before a month this time.  Everyone keep warm. 

From my family to all of yours we hope you have a Happy, Safe, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Take care




2008-01-15 14:42:32 GMT