Life at Brush Creek Curlys
This is to keep everyone informed of what is happening at our farm. I hope you enjoy the experiences with us.
Entry for June 24, 2008

I am sorry to all who come to read my blog.  I have been really bad about updating.

There has been so much work we have done.  I have a new 30 X 50 hay barn and it is ready to have hay put into it.

We also bought 3 pigs and are raising them to butcher.  I always said I was not going to raise a pig.  {sigh}  Well as they say "Never say Never!"  haha  They are a new experience and I am not sure that I like it.  :)  Right now they are penned next to my junior stallions pasture which for the most part is ok.  Except for when they escape and get into the pasture.  My young stallions do not like pigs in their pasture.  :)

We have cleaned out part of the hay loft and have some square bales put up in there.  Now we just need to get the rest of it cleaned and make sure the rest of the floor is good so that we can store more hay.

At this time we have 2 mares on dry lot  Suzy and Shooter.  They are both due the middle of September and are carrying Manny's babies.  This will be an exciting time.  Suzy's baby should be a gaited pony (13h-14h).  Shooter's baby should also be gaited and should reach 14.2h-15.2.  Everyone cross your fingers for curls. 

I love my smooth coats but for ICHO and research I would love to see 2 curly babies.  :)

Manny is doing wonderful in his training.  In the Curly Horse show this September 2008 I should be able to ride him.  We have gotten over talking to the girls when we are undersaddle.  :)

Well I need to go for now.  I will try to do better on updating.  If any of you ever have a question please feel free to email me.

Take care all of you





2008-06-24 19:47:31 GMT