Life at Brush Creek Curlys
This is to keep everyone informed of what is happening at our farm. I hope you enjoy the experiences with us.
Entry for April 1, 2009

Well we brought home our suspected smooth coated mustang filly her name is Dedra. 

We are really excited to have her home.  Her mane and forelock and are really curly and it looks like she has some curl above her mustang tattoo.  Coming from California she might not be showing much curl.  We will find out next winter how much curl she will actually have.  :)

Once we get her gentled and can touch her we will get blood samples and send to Dr. Cothran who is doing the curly gene study and see if we can find any genetic inheritance.  :)  We will also get some of her hair collected and send it to be tested to see if she is hypoallergenic.  :)

If you go to my web site and to Dedra's page you can see the video I did when she got home.   There have been small success such as Dedra coming in the stall when I put her feed in.  The first day she would not come near the stall if I was in there.  The third day she would walk in see that I was dumping the food and then she would walk out until I came out then she would go back in to eat.  :)

I have not been pushing myself on her.  I am letting her get used to were she is .  She does have company.  Dawn our little 6 month old filly is being weaned is right beside Dedra.  Dedra watches closely as I intereact with Dawn.  I think this will help alot.  :)  She will see that Dawn is getting attention an being scratched and I believe she will want the same attention.

I will keep you all updated on our progress with Dedra.


2009-04-01 13:36:17 GMT