Life at Brush Creek Curlys
This is to keep everyone informed of what is happening at our farm. I hope you enjoy the experiences with us.
Entry for May 21, 2007

Okay folks,

I had a very busy weekend.  We took on the task of lifting my stallion barn 4 inches.  This was a major project.  I have attached some pictures of the barn before we got started.  It is a mess.  After getting it raised we were able to clean out all of the old lumber and junk that was in there.  I need to get some cement anchors.  The whole perimter of the building sits on cement.

Now I need to get a little Bobcat to clean out some of the extra dirt.  Then I need to put up the walls and make the stalls.  I will be putting double doors on the front.  This building is 36 X 40.  I can know see the end.

I also got the pulleys and hinges on my doors on my feed bin in the mares barn I am real close to ordering my feed in bulk. Yipeeeeee.

I have also included a picture of my daughter bringing the horses in from the pasture.  This is the hilight of her day.  If she could do all of her chores from the back of that horse she would.  LOL

I have also found sometime to do a little bit of ground work with Flash, 8 month old stallion.  He is doing awsome.  I can pick up all of his feet, touch him anywhere, he backs, leads, gives to pressure (really no pressure).  He is just very intellegent and willing to learn it all.

I can't remember if I told you all about our 2 new bottle baby calfs, Fire and Ash.  They are also doing great and are so much fun to watch.  But beware of those little heads when they get done eating.  lol


2007-05-21 20:01:12 GMT