Life at Brush Creek Curlys
This is to keep everyone informed of what is happening at our farm. I hope you enjoy the experiences with us.
Entry for April 6, 2009

Well this weekend was a good one.  :)

I started out Thursday night by staying in Dedra's stall while she was eating.  I was about 3ft away from her feed bucket.  I would sway a little and start moving my hand.  With each small movement she would pause in her eating.   Come Friday night I was swaying and moving my hand up to my head and running my hand thru my hair without her pausing in eating. 

Saturday evening I moved a little closer (about 2ft away) and I made the same movements while she was eating.  Moving my hand up to my head and back down and swaying back and forth.  The whole time I am doing this I am also talking to her.  :)

Sunday Morning when I brought her hay into her I picked up a small handful and stood in the doorway to her stall.  She came up to me and took the first bite out of my hand and then took a second and then the last.  I left my hand out there and she reached out and really stated smelling my hand I moved one finger up and touched the side of her nose.  :)  She pulled back a little but then started sniffing again.  I was able to touch her nose and stroke it once with the tip of my finger.  :))))))) Wooooo Hoooo.  My first touch.  LOL

I did notice thru all of this that Dedra has like a mustache over the end of her nose.  :)  I have never noticed a horse having that much hair over the end of their nose before. 

I can't wait until I can brush her.  :)  She is sooooo muddy right now.   Everyday I get a little closer and everyday Dedra trusts me a little more.  :)

I will be posting at least once a week more if something spectacular happens.  :) 


2009-04-06 15:04:05 GMT