Life at Brush Creek Curlys
This is to keep everyone informed of what is happening at our farm. I hope you enjoy the experiences with us.
Entry for April 14, 2009

Well this weekend was awsome.  :))  Saturday I set up a small roundpen to work with Dedra.  I then taped 2 sticks together so that it would be long enough for me to stand in the middle of the roundpen and be able to touch all sides. 

After doing this I put Dedra in the round pen with me.  I stood in the middle while I waited for her to relax.  It took her a couple of minutes but she finally relaxed and stopped.  When she did I let her relax a couple of minutes just to let her know she had nothing to fear.  Then I took the stick and set it on her back.  :)  She was not to sure she liked this.

I let her go ahead and move around the round pen.  Even if she turned the stick stayed on her back.  After a couple of minutes she realized this was not going to hurt her so she stopped.  When Dedra stopped I started using the stick to rub her withers back to her rump.  She was a little nervous about me getting this near her rump but she did very well.

I then started testing to see how far she would let me go.  She deffinately does not like it on the back of her back legs and does not like it on the front of her front legs.  One her chest we are fine.  So I will just slowly work up to going down her legs.  On her side was a little scary and up her neck to her head she said was irritating.  :)

We worked longer than I had planned but in the end we stopped on a good note and I went to get her a little grain as a treat.  I brought the grain out in a large scoop.

I stood in the middle of the round pen and kind of shook it a little to let her know that I had something she wanted.  Her ears perked up and she really wanted to see what I had.  She started sniffing and coming closer.  I held the scoop out so she could get a sniff of it and when she did some of the minerals blew up in her face.  lol  She was not impressed with this and came up easier and sniffing a little easier.   I let her take a taste of the grain and then I brought the scoop to me.

I then put a little grain in my hand and held it out to her.  She was very cautious but then took the grain out of my hand.  As she would take the grain out of my hand I would touch her chin and under her jaw.  Each time i touched her I would give her a little grain.  Then I went to touch her and she kept  saying no.  So I told her "Dedra if you want more grain you have to let me touch you."  I had my hand held out to her when I said this and she looked at me and then laid her jaw in my hand for a couple of seconds.  LOL  So I had to give her some grain.  She is a smart little cookie. 

I kept this up with the grain that I had in the scoop and I could run my hand down her face and she would lick my hand. 

Later that day I put some more grain in the scoop and this time she came right up to eat it out of my hand but did not want me to touch her.  So I pulled the scoop in close to me and had her come to the scoop to eat it and I was able to pet the side of her neck. 

I think it was a very successful weekend.  :)

In the mornings I have started to give her a little grain in my hand 2 or 3 times and then I put the rest in her bowl.  So that she can relax while she eats.  While she is eating I stand pretty close.  I could reach my hand up and touch her neck.  But she is still a little nervous with me standing this close so I will wait until she relaxes with me being this close.  :)

I think we are doing well for now and we will keep working on our relationship.  :)


2009-04-14 13:13:42 GMT