Life at Brush Creek Curlys
This is to keep everyone informed of what is happening at our farm. I hope you enjoy the experiences with us.
Entry for April 20, 2009

We had a very eventful weekend.  Our cow Pepper finally delivered a very cute grey bull cald.  WooooHoooo  We were kind of worried about her she is a small angus cow and last year with her first calf we had to pull it so we were a little worried this year.  Even tho she had it without help I think it was a little difficult the calf broke some blood vessels in his eye during delivery.  But he is cute as can be and spunky.  :)    We have had 2 heifer calves this year and we were hoping that Pepper would give us a bull calf because we have a private buyer for it.  :)

Now for a little news on Dedra.  Dedra does a little better everyday.  Between the weather (rainy) and the hectice weekend I have not had time to do any more round pen work with her.  But I do work with her every morning and evening on her letting me touch her. 

I was able to collect some hair from her to send to Bunny to put in the fiber study for the SC (smooth coat) Curlies.  This hair came from the base of her neck and top of her chest, it is very soft and matts easily.  Dedra is pretty good about letting me pet her face now and likes to have her forehead scratched. 

I am working on her neck and chest at this time.   She does not like it when I come up behind her ears so we do that slowly.  This morning I was able to really pet her neck good and she was starting to relax a little.  When I get this close to her if I make any fast (normal) movements she gets starts to get worried.

I was able to go back to her withers this morning.  She does not like me to get to close to her legs.  I will just work my way a little at a time.  :)

I don't mind doing this slow and easy and some people probably think I should be moving faster but I see no reason to move any faster.  :)  By the time I can touch her all over she will totally trust me and know that I am not going to hurt her.  She will be a partner for life.

The little filly, Dawn, who I am weaning right now.  Had a lesson in leading this weekend.  :)  When Dawn was less than a month old we had a halter on her and showed her how to lead but she now thinks that she is a big girl and doesn't need to do this anymore.  :)  Dawn was a little resistant at first but after about 10 minutes she decided it was more rewarding to lead with me.  :)  As I work with Dawn Dedra watches closely to see how things are done.   I think this will also help Dedra to accept me more and teach her things she is not sure about.  :)

Oh and my grass that I planted in the part of my pasture that I had cleared to starting come up really good.  :)  i have fenced this off so that the horses and cows are not able to get on it and it has a good start.  Hopefully by the beginning of June I should be able to let them out on it.  We will see how it goes.  I would hate to have to keep them penned up longer then that but if I have to I will.  They will benefit in the end.  :)

Take care care.


2009-04-20 14:25:53 GMT