Life at Brush Creek Curlys
This is to keep everyone informed of what is happening at our farm. I hope you enjoy the experiences with us.
Entry for April 22, 2009

Well I normally don't write during the week but I took yesterday off of work to get somethings done and I had a little time to work with Dedra.

I went out and sat on the hay ring and she came over and things were going really well.  I had a hold of her halter (that BLM put on before she left) and I was doing some light petting down her face.  I then decided that I needed to put a lead rope on her so she would know to give to pressure.

I put the lead rope on and she sniffed it and checked it out she was not to sure that she liked it following her around.  :)  The first time she stepped on it she tugged a little and then she just stood there.  She looked back on the left side for a few seconds then she turned her head and looked back on the right side.  You could see her thinking thru the problem.  She lifted her back right foot a little (the one stepping on the rope) and realized that it gave when she lifted her foot.  So then she took a step forward and released herself.  It was assume to watch.  I sat there and watched her teach herself about this rope for about 20 minutes and then we started chores.

When took her feed into her.  I did my normal of petting her face and she even let me pet once on the side of her neck.  I reached out for the rope and started to walk to her she back up so I stopped and when she felt the tug on the rope she stopped.  I asked her to come forward a little and she took a step forward, which released the pressure on the rope, and I petted her and told her good job.

I then stepped to her again and this time she went to take a step back but the rope got tight so she stopped I continued to walk up to her and pet her neck to her withers, down her sholder and across her chest.  :)  I figured this was more than enough for one day.  So I took the rope off.  I did want her getting caught up in it when i wasn't around.  But I will continue to put this rope on her every night and we will be working on leading and giving. 

It will still be a slow process because I don't want to push her and make her react.  I have found she has an awsome brain and if you give her a chance she will figure out what she needs to do.  :)

Keep coming back for more.  :)



2009-04-22 12:19:51 GMT