Life at Brush Creek Curlys
This is to keep everyone informed of what is happening at our farm. I hope you enjoy the experiences with us.
Entry for May 27, 2009

I know it has been a little bit since I wrote but like everyone else life has been a little hectic.  But here I am.

We had a small catastrophe a couple of weeks age that set us back a little bit and also gave me a good reminder of why we do NOT leave a halter on a horse when you are not with them.

It has always been our rule to not leave halters on the horses but I thought with Dedra I could make an exception for a short period of time because she was a feral mustang and having a halter on her would help in getting close to her.  WRONG!!  Some how Dedra got a board (about 5 to 6 ft long) stuck in the side of her halter.  Thankfully a lady at the church saw it and came and knocked on the door to  let us know our horse was in trouble.  It was a real scary 15 minutes but the board finally came out and I got Dedra to let me take her halter off.  She had a few scuffs and was a little sore I am sure but she was not hurt otherwise.  Thankfully!!  Please Please Please Never leave a halter on a horse if you are not going to be right there with them.

Now for the good news!  I was able to start getting Dedra's halter back on her and off again.  :)  Saturday night I decided I would take her on a small trip thru the barn yard to the back yard so that she could eat some grass.  :)  This was her first trip out of her paddock since she came and the first time I have asked her to lead this far. 

I had Desiree put a halter on Dawn.   I was hoping that with Desiree leading Dawn Dedra would be more willing to follow.  :)  Well Dawn started giving Desiree trouble so I took Dedra around another direction.  We went past a cow feeder, the tractor, a metal water tank and of course in the back yard are all sorts of new things.  But Dedra did totally awsome!  She snorted the whole way but didn't flinch or try to bolt away.  :)  I let her eat grass for about a half hour and then we had the walk back.  Which went just as well.

After getting back in the paddock I took Dedra's halter off and stood there and petted her for a few minutes telling her what a good girl she was.  I then put her halter and rope away and she came walking back up to me to be petted some more.  Wooo Hoooo.  :)  We have finally made a break thru.  In the past Dedra would come up to me but would only allow me to run my hand down her face.  This time she let me go down her neck to her shoulder without trying to walk away or flinching.

The next morning she let me walk beside her down her whole body and she turned in behind me to follow me into her stall.  Before when I would go past her head she would turn and walk away she did not want me to walk next her body.  :)  She is one awsome little girl.  If you go to Dedra's page on my web site you will see a picture of her out eating grass that night.

I am know trying to decided if I should let her run the barn yard for a little bit so she can strectch her legs.  :)  I will keep working with her during the week and we will see how she does.  It might be a little soon for that.  :) 






2009-05-27 14:40:15 GMT