Life at Brush Creek Curlys
This is to keep everyone informed of what is happening at our farm. I hope you enjoy the experiences with us.
Entry for June 12, 2007

Well last weekend I ended up going to the auction on Saturday.  My oldest daughter (13 yo), Desiree, has started helping out at the auction in hopes of getting on the payroll in the future.   The plan was to drop her off hopefully pick up some meat chickens and go home to work before picking Desiree up that evening.  Well we bought some chickens and guineas.  then the auctioneer informed us they were going to be selling some alfalfa squares.  I put my order in for what i wanted at what price and hoped I would get it.   Then Desiree informed me that she was going to be riding a horse through the auction that night.    Okay so we go home get the dry lots finished and go back to the auction so that I can make sure Desiree doesn't get hurt on the horse.  Yes I am a little over protective of my daughter.  lol  

Desiree called to inform  me that I got the hay.  Which meant I had to take the trailer with me.   We started watching the horse auction.  Desiree rode in the 4th or 5th horse.  She came in riding bareback. {sigh}  She did really well and I was very proud of her.  She got paid for riding the horse and the guy she was helping all day also gave her some money for helping him.  

Work wise I got 5 posts put in for gates to make the alley way that is going to go from my stallion pastures to the stallion barn.  I am hoping to get my walls started on the stallion barn.  But I also need to get some brush hogging done while we are still getting some rain.  I want to get the weeds down so that the grass gets the water. 

I have a small area behind the stallion pasture that I was able to get cleaned up a little.  There are a lot of briars and in those briars are a lot of little trees.   I was able to get alot of the little trees and briars down.   Now all I need to do is fence this small area so that it can be used by the young boys.  I also need to fence this area so that the mares can't get over by Manny. 

Boy it sure seems like some weekends I don't get a whole lot accomplished. 

My room is now painted and hopefully doors and touch up will be done today.  I was told to bring the carpet home Wednesday night.  Which is good news.  I hope.  l0l

I was thinking it would be neat to name my barns.  I have one barn for boys and one for girls.  Do I call it the Stallion Barn, Boys Barn, Stud Barn or ?????.  Do I call the other one Mares Barn, Girls Barn or ??????  I am not very creative at names.  Or should I not put a name on the barns at all?

Talk to you all later.



2007-06-12 16:26:57 GMT