Manny's Misty Dawn (barn name Dawn) was born September 19, 2008.  Her dam is smooth coated
curly Suzy and her sire is Manny's Silver Haze.   Dawn is everything we were hoping for she is gaited
and should stay under 14 h to become a SMOOTH COATED GAITED PONY FILLY!      WOOOOHOOOOO.
Dawn is for sale.    Here is a
video of her at 9 days old.
10/19/08  dawn is a month old in the above
pictures.  She is such a sweetie.  This little
girl will make a great addition to someones
breeding program or a wonderful ride for a
small adult or child.  Come back often to
see her grow.
12/7/08 Dawn is a little over 2 mos old now.  She is
very inquisitive and loves to play with the dogs.  :)