The Smooth Coated (SC) Curly Association has been approved.  If you would like to
see more SC Curlys go to the
Smooth Coated Curly web site.  The web site is full of
information regarding the SC Curlys.  Including research that is being done, different
hair types, SC Curlys for sale and much much more.  Come and check it out!!

I live in Anderson, Missouri and in 2003 I bought a 4 year old mare (Suzy Q) that was
pregnant. On April 15, 2003, Suzy gave birth to a perfect little filly (Pictured to the left). I
thought she was the cutest baby ever and personality plus. The little curls on her neck
just made her even more adorable. After reading an article about curlys I suspected that
she might be a curly. So I did some research and had her tested to see if she was
hypoallergenic HOORAH she is a Curly.

The above is how I got started.  I still truly believe that Roxy is a smooth coated Curly
because she has tested hypoallergenic.   I have had Roxy's dam, Suzy, tested also and
she has proven to be hypoallergenic to everyone that has tested her.  But I will tell you I
do not know Suzy's parentage.  So until we get a test there is no way for me to say that
she has curly breeding.

I also want to say that there are some who don't think the smooth coated curlys carry a
curly gene.  My question to them and to you is "What is the most important aspect of a
Curly?"  I believe the answer to this question is they are hypoallergenic.  There are some
who will disagree with me.  

Most of the Curlys on my place are smooth coated curlys.  I do have a couple that have a
marcel wave.  But for the most part my Curlys are smooth coated.  ALL of my curlys have
at least one parent (usually both) that are from curly breeding.   To read more about the
SC Curlys and my theories go to
SC Curly page.

Well now I have decided instead of just having pleasure horses I want to make some
families dream come true and show them that they can own a horse also, even with the

My goals with the curlys is to breed gaited curlys with wonderful personalities, correct
conformation, strong bones, and hypoallergenic coats. I am going to strive to be able to
accommodate the kids and adults.

We have found that a curly does not have to have a curly coat it can be wavy or smooth
coated.  Now those who what to have horses but are allergic don't have to feel different.  
Don't get me wrong we love the curls but we also love our minimals that show little to no
curl.  But are just as rare and beautiful.  They still have the hypoallergenic quality,  
awesome personality and they have silky soft hair.

Every baby that is born will be imprinted and worked with daily until the time comes for
that baby to go to its special home.
Roxy our first curly baby.  Go to
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pictures of Roxy.
Manny visiting the nursing home.
 John is one of the alzeheimer
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