SC curly mustang filly.  Born March 2008 in the holding facility.  This filly's dam came from the New
Pass/Ravenswood HMA, Austin, NV.   We are very excited about her coming!  We will figure out a name
when she gets here and we can see her personality.

Below is information on the area in which this filly cam from.  Mitch has done alot of research on the
curlys and the mustangs. Mitch is an officer of the
Curly Mustang Association.
I know these horses --curly or not---
they are great horses, they have
some of the best conformation and
genetics of any BLM herd out there.
They date from an experiment by
the U.S. Government in the 1880's.
The idea was to let loose
government Morgan stallions into
the wild horse herds to produce
very hardy horses for Calvary
remounts. The experiment went
nowhere, but the horses remain
and this horse is descended from
them. There is very little paint color
in this herd, because the
government didn't want pinto
Calvary mounts and shot horses of
There was also a mustanger that
illegally caught these horses for
years and took what pintos were
there out to sell. He died of old age
and the BLM rangers were never
able to catch him in the act!
She is here and her name is Dedra!
Dedra is even more gorgeous in person then her pictures portray.  Here
is a
video of Dedra after getting off the trailer at our home.
Dedra has a lot of physical things that make me think she is a SC Curly but I will not know for sure until I can get
my hands on her.  :)  Once I can brush her I will send some of her hair to be tested to see if she is
hypoallergenic.  I also want to feel her hair.  It looks sooooo soft and it looks as if she has little curls above her
tattoo.  But since I can't get real close yet I cannot say anything for sure.  :)  I will be updating my blog with my
experiences with Dedra.  Check it out often.  :)
5/23/09 This was Dedra's first trip to
the back yard since she came here.  
She is doing awsome and I think we
have finally made that special
connection of trust!
Deidra, me and Dawn.  Deidra and I
have become really good friends.  :)  
She likes it best when I have treats but
a good scratching on her neck and
chest are almost as good.
10/7/10 I have put a saddle on Dedra
for the first time.  :)  She handled it
very well.  I can't wait until I can really
start working with her.