Manny Silver Haze
Manny was born April 2003 to dam Haze (MFTHBA) and sire *J. Silver Heels (AFTBEA, AWHR, ABC) at Frostfire Stables in
Williamsburg IN.; Manny gets waves on his neck now that he is almost 5 years old has a straight coat with curls in his ears,
a wave to his mane and tail and a slight curve to his eyelashes.;  Check back often for updates.
11/29/06 I have started Manny under saddle and
he is doing wonderful. He is filling out nicely and
has a wonderful loving personality.

Mannys first baby will be on the ground in
September 2007.

Check out the babies for 2007 to see Silver.  He
is a very nice colt.  I think Manny did a wonderful
8/3/05 Manny and I went to Springdale
Rehabilitation to see the Alzehiemer's
residents. This is John one of the residents.
Manny was a total gentleman and seemed to
enjoy all of the attention that he received.
here to see more pictures of that day. It was a
wonderful day that I hope we can repeat again.
4/20/07 Look at the way this boy is filling out he has
wonderful reach and very nice confirmation. He is
always the gentleman. This summer we will continue
further in his undersaddle work. I am hoping to take
him out on the trails
Manny getting 2nd place in the Liberty