These are some of the pictures that were
taken from our trip 7/29/05 to see the
Alzeheimers residents at Springdale
Rehabilitation.  It was a wonderful day.  
Manny and Roxy did a great job showing
off their curly personalities.

To right is Doddie.  She says she is the
only one that is supposed to get and give
This is my grandma and mom.
This is John, me and Manny.  John used
to raise horses.  He spent alot of time
with both Roxy and Manny.  I think
Manny was his favorite.  You can
deffinately tell by the way he is holding
that rope that he is a horseman.
This lady is a new resident and I don't
know her name yet.  But the look on her
face deffinatly made the day special.  She
was very excited to see the horse.

The gentleman in this picture is John he
is the director of the Alzeheimer's ward.  
John does a wonderful job with his